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Activated Carbon Pre-Pleat HVAC FiltersOut of stock

Activated Carbon Pre-Pleat HVAC Filters

Activated Carbon PrePleat HVAC filters work like an odour 'sponge'. The versatile filter is an excellent choice in commercial settings and industrial settings for remediation of minor odour problems.

Alpha 2000 HVAC FiltersOut of stock

Alpha 2000 HVAC Filters

The Alpha 2000 HVAC Filter is a high capacity HEPA filter and comes available in a nominal 300mm depth configuration.

Alpha 95 HVAC FiltersOut of stock

Alpha 95 HVAC Filters

Alpha 95 HVAC Filters are identical in design and construction to the Alpha Cell HEPA filters except that the media is rated at 95% efficiency.

Dimple Pleat HVAC FiltersOut of stock

Dimple Pleat HVAC Filters

Dimple Pleat HEPA/ULPA filters are ideal for applications that require ultraclean air.
Available in 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm depths.

Flat Panel HVAC FiltersOut of stock

Flat Panel HVAC Filters

Our Flat Panel HVAC Filters include a metal frame designed to hold replaceable media pads in commercial applications.

Precision Pak Bag HVAC FiltersOut of stock

Precision Pak Bag HVAC Filters

Available in two media types: lofted fibreglass media and microfine synthetic media – with average efficiency ranges of 55%, 65%, 85% and 95%.

Rigid Air HVAC FiltersOut of stock

Rigid Air HVAC Filters

Available lofted fibreglass or microfine synthetic, available in efficiency ranges of 50%-65% or 80%-95%.

SpaceCone Bag HVAC FiltersOut of stock

SpaceCone Bag HVAC Filters

SpaceCone Bag deep bed filters offer superior performance to typical roll-type and metal viscous filters, and are an ideal general-purpose HVAC filter for applications where high efficiency and long duty cycles are required. The key to their excellent performance of these HVAC filters is their shape: the SpaceCone Bag is a cone within a truncated cone.

SpacePak Bag HVAC FiltersOut of stock

SpacePak Bag HVAC Filters

SpacePak Bag HVAC Filters come either with or without a self-supporting wire header. The wire header overcomes the need for the inner wire basket (note: without the inner basket reverse flow configuration cannot be achieved).