Why do my filter brands matter?

Cheap filters run the risk of mal-performance, low life expectancy and particulate contamination. Aero Flow Filters is the exclusive Australian importer for Aero Flow. Quality, performance and superior life expectancy are just part of the Aero Brand. Don’t jeopardise your most important work, with inferior tools, booths or filters.

Dust, dirt and other contaminants in your paint job?

Poor quality filters, filters that haven’t been changed on their regular schedule or filters that haven’t been installed correctly, can cause contamination. It’s essential to make sure that your filters are changed at their regular EOL schedule and are of high filtration standards without over restricting air flow.

Fans and Motors Failing?

While cheap filters can offer poor filtration performance and poor life expectancy, it’s also possible for cheap, poorly optimised filters to restrict airflow or allow particulate penetration that causes undue wear on critical components. We’ve seen poor quality filters allow paint into motors and at the same time others to inhibit airflow to dangerous levels.


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