SpacePak Bag HVAC Filters

SpacePak Bag HVAC Filters come either with or without a self-supporting wire header. The wire header overcomes the need for the inner wire basket (note: without the inner basket reverse flow configuration cannot be achieved).

Category: SKU: abcd1003


The SpacePak Bag’s filter media is sewn and then flipped inside out to avoid air leakages.

  • F5 grade efficiency
  • Galvanised metal wire header
  • Available in 380mm and 570mm depths
  • Available in 610mm x 610mm and 305mm x 610mm sizes
  • Allows for standard flow and reverse flow configurations, and a 2 stage filter configuration accommodating a pre-filter.
  • Compatible with most heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation systems.
  • Greater service life than pad-and-frame systems & metal washable filters.

The inherent strength of the filter allows for easy change-out as it will not collapse, warp, or bend in normal service.