Precision Cell II HVAC Filters

Available in a cardboard frame.

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PrecisionCell II HVAC Filters feature extended surface mini-pleat rigid filters that are a nominal 4 inches deep, and deliver high efficiency filtration performance of 60%-65%, 80%-85% and 90%–95%.

The cartridge design is ideal for Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems or turbulent flow conditions. The space-saving 4 inch thickness dramatically reduces in-line space requirements when compared to standard 12 and 46 inch deep filter. This gives you high efficiency filtration without compromising on space.

  • Media: Microfine Fibreglass with a water-repellent binder.
  • Media Support: Adhesive-bead pleat seperators.
  • Frame: Double-wall, moisture resistant.
  • Face Grid: Media-bonded horizontal and diagonal supports.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

Precision Cell II HVAC Filters are especially suitable for variable air volume systems.