SpaceCone Bag HVAC Filters

SpaceCone Bag deep bed filters offer superior performance to typical roll-type and metal viscous filters, and are an ideal general-purpose HVAC filter for applications where high efficiency and long duty cycles are required. The key to their excellent performance of these HVAC filters is their shape: the SpaceCone Bag is a cone within a truncated cone.

Category: SKU: abcd1002


The SpaceCone bag filter is sewn together using a double over-locked stitch for maximum strength. Coupled with the inherent strength of the design, the SpaceCone bag filter is easy to change-out: it will not collapse, warp, or bend in normal service.

  • F5 grade efficiency
  • 660mm depth
  • Available in 610mm x 610mm and 305mm x 610mm sizes
  • Available in standard flow and reverse flow configurations
  • Compatible with PF-1 holding frames for building into bank.
  • Compatible with most heating, airconditioning, and ventilation systems.
  • Greater service life than pad-and-frame systems & metal washable filters.

Suitable for use in a wide range of non-critical applications, the SpaceCone Bag HVAC Filter can also be used as a pre-filter to extend the life of a secondary filter.