Super-Flow VC HVAC Filters

Super-Flow VC HVAC Filter offer disposable activated carbon absorbers that are designed for gaseous contamination control in both new and existing HVAC systems.
The SuperFlow VC HVAC Filters have total detention capability with all air passing through the carbon beds -these absorbers can help mitigate indoor air quality problems in buildings where the air must be cleansed of gaseous contaminants.

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The carbon panels of the SuperFlow VC HVAC Filter are a moisture resistant corrugated kraft honeycomb grid, filled with granular activated carbon media and contained by fine mesh nylon screens on both sides.

  • High absorption efficiency with low pressure drop.
  • Operating limits: 65 C and 95% RH, noncondensing.
  • Activated Carbon Media: Virgin coconut shell base, minimum 60% CTC activity.
  • Top/Bottom end plates: High strength ABS plastic.
  • Vertical struts: Aerodynamically-designed extruded aluminum.
  • Vertical supports: Steel rods on downstream side.
  • Panel sealant: Non-volatile, applied along the entire panel periphery to eliminate air bypass.
  • Individually bagged to prevent absorber from being expended prematurely.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

The SuperFlow VC HVAC Filter is also useful in a variety of other applications such as the protection of light industrial processes and works of art.