Super-Flow 24 HVAC Filters

The Super-Flow 24 is a V-bed HEPA filter (99.99% at 0.30 micrometer) specifically designed for high airflow applications requiring HEPA efficiency at an ultra low-pressure drop.

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The Super-Flow 24 can be incorporated into systems with air velocities of 3 M/s and a pressure drop of 250 Pa.

  • Microfine fiberglass.
  • Available in 24 x 24 x 12″ and 12 x 24 x 12″ sizes.
  • Overall Efficiency: minimum of 99.99% at 0.30 µm
  • Pressure Drop: maximum of 250 Pa. at the rated airflow
  • Greater media area than traditional HEPA filters provides a longer service life.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

The Super-Flow 24 filters are manufactured with wet laid microfine fiberglass media. The media is formed into 12 minipleat packs utilizing a hot melt separator and arranged in a V-bed configuration. The packs sealed on all four sides to the frame with two-component polyurethane.

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