Andreae Filter – High Efficiency

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The High Efficiency type Andreae Exhaust Cardboard Filter has a polyester backing for extra paint catchment, with cardboard pleats to create a large surface area for a high paint holding capacity. Andreae Filters are the original and genuine cardboard filters and are superior in many ways to cheaper brands currently being used in Australia.

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The High Efficiency Andreae Exhaust Filter is a cardboard accordion filter with polyester backing, used as an exhaust filter in spray booths to capture overspray paint.

  • Available in 900mm x 9m and 1000mm x 10m sizes
  • Also available in Standard
  • Cardboard / Polyester
  • Filter Efficiency: 99.81%
  • Paint holding capacity: 25.87kg per m2
  • Initial Pressure drop: 12Pa
  • Final Pressure drop: 128Pa
  • Filter Class: UL Class 2
  • Flame Resistant
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Manufactured in the USA

Suitable for use in semi-downdraft and through-draft spray booths, Andreae Filters and are installed in the walls of the Spray Booth.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 900 × 90 × 50 cm