Paint Pocket Exhaust Filter – AeroFlow Green 22m

$254.10 ex GST

22m long x 760mm wide blue paint arrestor with 3D “pockets” that more than double it’s surface area, holding large quantities of overspray within the filter without tearing or sagging.

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AeroFlow Paint Pocket Exhaust Filters – 760mm x 22m Rolls are the most effective way to manage the overspray from your booths exhaust air stream produced by common coatings including medium and high solids paints, powder coatings, water reduced paints, stains, and adhesives. Reduced run-off means less booth floor clean-up and faster filter changes.

  • 760mm x 22m Roll
  • High capacity, Low run-off 3D pockets
  • Polyester
  • Paint holding capacity: 29.3kg per m2
  • Initial Pressure drop: 0.06 in W.C. (@100 FPM)
  • Maximum Pressure drop: 1.00 in W.C. (@700 FPM)
  • 99.84% arrestance efficiency overall
  • Filter Class: UL Class 2

Paint Pockets’ high capacity cuts your costs: fewer filter changes means more savings.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 76 cm